A bespoke, handmade kitchen allows you to have the taste and elegance you desire. Moreover, it will give you a unique kitchen with quality and style.
Our experts will guide you through designing the layout, cabinet configurations and detail to ensure that your kitchen is something you feel comfortable in. We want you to have a kitchen design that also has a sense of warmth that one associates with your home. We create handmade kitchens with a luxury feel that have a dramatic effect on you, your home and your visitors. To give you the ‘WOW’ factor and the contentment that you have spent your money well. The quality of the furniture will be of the highest standard as it is made in Britain utilising the best quality materials.

When people walk in and see an Austin Matthews designed kitchen they will be presented with not just elegant design, but a kitchen that is highly practical. As a room that is the heart of the home, we design it to make your cooking experience a pleasure every time. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, classic or traditional kitchen we have something to please you. Our kitchens have a timeless quality and for that reason they are popular with discerning home owners who want style, practicality and great design.
Austin Matthews are proud of our attention to detail. We can create the combination of layout, material and finish that will tailor your kitchen to your needs and wishes. We produce CAD design images so that you can ‘see’ your new kitchen design and therefore this will give you a chance to make changes to the layout before the work begins.

Click on the link below to discuss the points of inspiration for you around your kitchen, we can then help find an interpretation of the style which suits you.