At Austin Matthews our handmade luxury bedroom furniture will complement your décor or give your room a brand new fresh look. We aim to make your bedroom feel stylish, comfortable and welcoming. The designs we use will be the focal point in any room but will also organise even the busiest of families. We can make transform your bedroom into a clutter free zone and bring a sense of tranquillity into your life, thus ensuring that you sleep well.

Starting from a blank canvas we can discuss your requirements and show you our mix of quality, style and ingenious design through our CAD designs. We can create tailored storage to fulfil your requirements thus no-one will have the interior furniture like yours as it will be custom made to your design.

At Austin Matthews we design bedroom furniture for you to give you plenty of practical storage space along with a tasteful and stylish design. This comes from our vast experience as a family firm who have been running for a number of years. It is worth noting that all of our bedroom furniture is bespoke and handmade in Britain, so you know that the quality will be of the highest standard.

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